As part of the development multimodal traffic between the EU and Russia by our company, a project for the delivery of bulk cargoes with companies in Holland, Belgium, western Germany to anywhere in Russia as an alternative to liquid cargo transit through the ports of the Baltic and St. Petersburg. We offer delivery of liquid products using the railway to Poland and then by road to Russia. Delivery time - 7-8 days. For new customers - a unique prices!


 From september 2015 our company offer for clients tank container trucking 


We invite you to visit our company at great chemical production and distributior meeting at KHIMIA-2015 

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We are SQAS assessment company 22.10.2015 04:08

Ladies and gentlemen!

On 12-13 October 2015 at the headquarters of our company SQAS audit was carried out. With great pleasure to declare that the audit ended with a positive result and starting from 13 October 2015, our company is accredited as a SQAS.